At Headlines Hair & Beauty we welcome your ideas and consult with you to offer suggestions and recommendations to suit your face shape, your complexion & eye colour, your hair type and your lifestyle needs.

Selecting the right colour hues, shades and colouring techniques to create fabulous hair is an art that our expert stylists love to share with you. This way, we achieve the right result for you...every time!

We use specialised massage techniques so you can totally relax while we gently massage your scalp and your hair is being nourished with a revitalising conditioner or luscious hair treatment. What could be better?

Gift Vouchers

Any cut or style can be pre-arranged as a gift for someone special or celebrating a special occasion. Please ask our staff for more information on planning a unique gift.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Cutting Edge

Because we care about the health of your hair, we source a range of the very best hair products available.

Our staff are highly motivated and participate in continual education and training to ensure that their skills are at the cutting edge of our craft.

At Headlines Hair & Beauty we encourage and acknowledge all customer feedback. This information helps us to develop best practice and provide the best possible customer service.


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